On-line Press Clippings for Wednesday

Cuche’s leading time as well as the fall by Austrian favourite Mario Schreiber were at the center of today’s online publications.

20 Minuten Schweiz writes that “Cuche’s comeback after suffering from lumbago four days ago is impressive.” And the TagesAnzeiger continues: “Once again Cuche back on top just four days after suffering from lumbago”. 20 Minutes also added a little critique of other Swiss skiers: "The other ten remaining Swiss athletes all lagged Cuche by at least 2.5 seconds."

The Austrian press, on the other hand, was full of praise for their team. “OSV Downhillers have once again a few tricks up their sleeves” writes the Tiroler Tageszeitung. At the same time, they commented on Mario Scheiber’s fall: “A light capsule injury! Scheiber’s close call at the entry of Ciaslat ended in the safety nets. Luckily, he was back on his skis and able to ski down to the Finish but later complained of light pain in his already compromised right knee.” The Standard continues: “Seconds of fear for Scheiber in Gröden”. Or at News.at: “Saslong throws Tyrolean off his wild run”.

In local papers, AltoAdige Sport is full of anticipation for the races on Saslong: “The snow is virtually boiling”. And more, Mondoneve.it writes that: “The famous racing course Saslong has been well prepared by the valley’s many busy bees”.

Finally, Wintersport-News.it highlights an interesting case on the Start List: “Mirko Deflorian starting at 63 was born in nearby Trentino region and is now starting for Moldavia.”