No more pit-stops during training runs

Werner Heel was forced today to interrupt his training run half-way due to a fortunately benign fall by Mario Scheiber. The training was halted, as was Heel mid-way, before he could resume his run from where he was stopped.

The turn of these events were discussed during today’s team captain meeting and it was decided that if a similar incident were to happen tomorrow, the halted athlete will be brought back to the start and given a chance to redo his run, at lest as it relates to the first 50 athletes starting.

This has been decided by FIS Race Director Günter Hujara who also met with members of the FIS Athletes’ Safety Working Group including Heel, Cuche, Osmane-Paradis, Walchhofer, Kostelic and Svindal. Furthermore, Technical Delegate Thomas Gurzeler has highlighted that the training run has perfect in every way and thus praised the work done by the OC.