The final Training in fast Motion

Read here in detail what happened in today's final training run.

10:30 | Good Morning from the Saslong.
10:30 | The second Downhill training run begins at 12:15. The on-line editorial team will be commenting from 12:00 noon onwards.
12:05 | Welcome to the second training run on the Saslong.
12:05 | Best conditions here at the foot of the Sassolungo-Langkofel mountain, but temperatures are icy: -16º Celsius at the Start, - 15 º Celsius at the Finish
12:07 | Current pictures from the course recognizance at Thank you Matt Price!
12:07 | The first forerunner has started.
12:10 | Also thanks to Travis Ganong who is starting with bib 36 and has posted his impressions at
12:11 | The training run opener is Patrick Jaerbyn. The wise man from Sweden (41 years) has clocked an impressive time in yesterday's run.
12:12 | This Downhill and Super-G are Europe's first two speed events this season.
12:13 | Didier Cuche has skied the winning time yesterday despite struggling with a back injury.
12:14 | Cuche and Gardena-Gröden already had a story last year when he ran despite a broken rib.
12:15 | So, Jaerbyn is off. The second training run is on!
12:16 | Jaerbyn is coached by Luis Prenn from South Tyrol. Does that count as home advantage?
12:17 | Jaerbyn is having difficulties in Ciaslat to stick to his optimal line.
12:18 | Jaerbyn at the Finish. His time is significantly faster than yesterday's winning time: 1:58.73.
12:19 | Cuche was 2 seconds slower yesterday.
12:19 | Theaux is on the course. He was the youngest racer to reach the top 10 during yesterday's run. He is 26 years old.
12:19 | Long finish jump and new winning time.
12:20 | The finish jump is extremely long this year. Racers already commented about it yesterday.
12:20 | Grünenfelder from Switzerland has started. His intermediate time is good.
12:21 | Grünenfelder barely lags Theaux at the finish but is still 5 seconds faster than yesterday.
12:22 | The next Swiss athlete, Ambrosi Hoffman, skis very aggressively. He just recovered from an injury.
12:23 | Ambrosi from Davos, Switzerland is facing the same problems on Ciaslat as the others.
12:24 | The jumps are generally longer this year, Hoffman is turning at the finish jump and lands at the Finish with 0.6 seconds delay.
12:25 | He has not scored any World Cup points on Saslong so far. But that is about to change this year as he is in top form.
12:25 | Christof Innerhofer, the best Italian - and South Tyrolean - is on the course.
12:25 | Innerhofer is being tumbled all over on Ciaslat.
12:25 | He already admitted yesterday that he is not roll surfer...
12:26 | Regardless: leading time for Innerhofer with a plump 0.75 seconds advantage.
12:26 | The first Austrian skier on this second training run, Romed Baumann, is skiing fast.
12:27 | Baumann at the finish on place 2 with 0.68 seconds behind Innerhofer.
12:28 | Ivica Kostelic has started his training run. He is part of the FIS Working Group on Athletes' Safety.
12:29 | Innherhofer at the Finish: "Ciaslat was definitely much faster today"
12:30 | Kostelic can't place among the top, he is lagging by 2 seconds.
12:31 | Also Hans Olsson times a signifcant delay of 1.43 seconds.
12:31 | It looks like the Saslong is as selective and difficult as ever. Andrej Jerman is feeling as much skiing into the Finish almost 2 seconds behind Innerhofer's time.
12:31 | Klaus Kröll, second-placed from yesterday, is also facing some difficulties on Ciaslat - at the entry into Ciaslat, to be more precise.
12:31 | Klaus Kröll places second.
12:32 | Peter Fill is next on the roll - as mentioned before, he grew up but a few km from here.
12:33 | But he has not been able to fully capitalize on his home course. His best placing was 7th so far and he is 8th based on this training run's current standings.
12:35 | Eric Guay from Canada places third clocking a delay of 0.58 seconds.
12:36 | Sylvain Zurbriggen is almost 2 seconds behind but has given a great performance easing right before the Finish.
12:37 | Patrick Küng paddles over the finish jump. There are several athletes who are struggling on this last critical part of the Saslong.
12:38 | Strong time also for Andrej Sporn from Slovenia. He places fourth with 0.64 seconds delay.
12:39 | Michi Walchhofer has started. It is hard to believe that this could be his last training run on the Saslong. He intends to retire at the end of the season.
12:40 | Retirement or not: Walchi is still one of the best. He places second behind Innerhofer with a delay of 0.07 seconds.
12:41 | Manuel Osborne-Paraids, last year's winner, clocked a second delay at the Finish.
12:42 | And on to the next local favourite, Werner Heel. He had to interrupt his training yesterday due to Mario Scheiber's fall. He places 3rd in the current standings.
12:43 | The next star is on the course: Aksel Lund Svindal. He won the 2009 Super-G. He is a contender in both speed disciplines here in Gardena-Gröden.
12:44 | Svindal is lagging by almost one second.
12:44 | Carlo Janka is next.
12:44 | But he is already significantly behind so we move our focus onto the next skier, Didier Cuche.
12:45 | The first-placed in yesterday's training is suffering from back problems.
12:46 | Didier Cuche at the Finish: 4th ranked after Innerhofer, Walchhofer and Kröll with a delay of 0.48 seconds.
12:47 | Bode Miller is showing that he belongs to the top: with 0.3 seconds he places 3rd.
12:51 | Werner Heel at the Finish: "The speed is very fast today. The optimal line is very slick and challenging."
12:52 | Our top skiers have all landed at the Finish and not much has changed from yesterday among the skiers that skied the fastest.
12:54 | Next is Poisson from France. Will he be able to match yesterday's performance where he placed fifth.
12:55 | Only 22nd place for Poisson in the current standings.
13:00 | The top racers have all descended but we'll continue to inform you of current standings on the Saslong.
13:01 | A first glance on the standings shows that the race will be tight. 14 (!) athletes have all placed within 1 second.
13:04 | Marc Gisin from Switzerland has taken a fall but is up on his feet already.
13:17 | Another fall: Peter Zahrobsky has a full-on crash with the safety nets. But luckily he got right up and is already back on his skis.
13:27 | Max Franz, nephew to legendary Werner Franz, has taken a fall.
13:27 | Also he remains uninjured and can reach the finish on his own skis.
13:35 | 50 skiers have finished their training run - another 35 athletes at the start.
13:51 | Erik Fisher's ski collide with a gate - something that is quite rare in Downhill. He is not injured.
13:51 | The one who suffers from Erik’s fall isAndreas Buder who is getting stopped for the second time.
14:01 | Andreas Sander starting with number 64 skis in at rank 3.
14:21 | The last skiers are starting and Frederik van Buynder from Belgium will conclude this final training run.
14:21 | The final training run is complete. Read here what the athletes have to say: /?pagid=17&newlang=eng&artid=1979
14:22 | We say goodbye for today and will be back tomorrow starting at 12:00 noon with the live news ticker on the Super-G. Take care!