Fan Club Parade: Will Innerhofer’s Fan Club capture the Triple Trophy?

Innerhofer's fan club.

Innerhofer's fan club.

Christof Innerhofer isn’t the only favourite to win tomorrow’s Donwhill, his fan club is also well positioned to capture its third consecutive trophy. Innerhofer’s club has given a few spectacular performances in the past that lead it to win the trophy two years in a row.

With 13 fan clubs and over 400 fans more fan clubs have registered for tomorrow’s fan club competition than ever before. The fans will met at 10:45 am at the public tent and then parade through downtown St.Christina before reaching their final destination: the Finish area of the World Cup races.

As in years past, first prize for the fan club winner is a summer field trip in the Gardena-Gröden mountains. This prize has been enough to entice several impressive performances by various fan clubs in the past. Innerhofer’s crew has won last year’s trophy by a tiny margin over Patrick Staudacher’s. The latter are planning a come-back this year after winning in 2007. The game is on!

Earlier this season, Yannick Bertrand’s fan club won the competition in Sölden ahead of Innerhofer’s club and the Italian fan group  "Sarone con gli azzurri".

Registered fan clubs:
Christof Innerhofer
Andi Buder
Patrick Staudacher
Peter Fill
Michael Walchhofer
Werner Heel
Andrej Sporn
Savone con gli Azzurri
Ambrosi Hoffmann
Andrej Jerman
Fan club Dominik Paris e Siegmar Klotz
Didier Cuche
Carlo Janka