No agreement reached between ski world cup organizers and FISI

Races could be transferred to organizers from other countries

The Ski World Cup organizers of Alta Badia, Cortina, Gardena-Gröden and Madonna di Campiglio are deeply saddened by the lack of agreement negotiated with the FISI Ski Federation.

No mutual consent on the split of TV income for the next contractual period has been reached with only four months to go to the beginning of the next World Cup season.

On Tuesday, the FISI Board of Directors has unilaterally increased the ratio of TV rights that the organizers should transfer to the federation to 45%. Based on these conditions, no organizer will be able to satisfy the contractual obligations set by the International Ski Federation FIS who owns the races nor continue to meet the expectations set by sponsors and TV networks.  This all leads to a very substantial risk of dropping the organizers from future World Cup calendars.

The main objective of World Cup organizers is to host a high-quality sport event. Safety of athletes and other services are of primary importance.

“We are still struggling to understand the strategy of the Federation” say the organizers in unison. “Organizers suggested a contribution to the Federation of 35% of all TV income for women’s races and 40% for men’s races. In addition, there are many other services the hosts provide to sponsors of FISI. The amounts transferred to FISI increased by 30% in the last few years. A further increase would be equal to blood-letting, seriously compromising a high-quality execution of the races.”

The first races in Italy will take place on December 16th and 17th in Gardena-Gröden followed immediately by Alta Badia on December 18th and 19th. Cortina is scheduled on January 14th and 15th and Madonna di Campiglio will host a slalom in 2012 as well.

“The races risk to be transferred to hosts of other countries if no agreement is reached with FISI” explain the organizers “which would turn the glorious histories of the Saslong, the Gran Risa, the Olimpia of the Tofane and the Tre-Tre which together have hosted over 200 Ski World Cup races a thing of the past.”