Agreement Sealed with FISI on TV Rights

Didier Cuche jubilates in Val Gardena

Didier Cuche jubilates in Val Gardena

An agreement between the Italian Alpine Ski World Cup organizers Alta Badia, Cortina and Gardena/Gröden and the Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI has been seeled in Mailand on Tuesday after a three-year tug-of-war.

The agreement will be valid for one year. It stipulates that World Cup Gardena/Gröden as an organizer of men’s downhill races will transfer 40% of the revenues coming from the sale of TV rights to the Federation. Furthermore, several services will have to be rendered including the organization of youth ski races, free-of-charge training stay for the Italian National Ski Team (if technically possible) as well as the free-of-charge lodging for Federation representatives during the event.

“We are very pleased with the arrangements” explains Edmund Dellago, President of Saslong Classic Club Gardena/Gröden, adding “because fundamentally, the agreement recognizes our traditions and competencies. The experience that we have amassed as organizers of classic Ski World Cup races can be very valuable to the Italian Winter Sports Federation. Our long-lasting expert knowledge and our needs as an organization, also of financial nature, have finally been recognized.”

The meeting with the acting administrator of FISI, Mr. Franco Carraro, in Milan set a more positive tone for the Italian Ski World Cup organizers. “We are very thankful to the acting administrator because he lent an ear to our preoccupations.” says Stefania Demetz, General Manager of Saslong Classic Club Gardena/Gröden. “We were never averse to making our contribution to the Italian Winter sport. Now we can go home pleased, knowing that our hard work is recognized and valued not only internationally but also here in Italy” summarizes Ms. Demetz the meeting in Milan, adding: “We hope that whoever will be in charge of FISI in the future will continue to approach the relationship in the same constructive spirit as the current administration. We feel reassured and can now return wour efforts and concentration on organizing this year’s races.”

Gardena/Gröden will be hosting European’s first speed races in three months following the season’s kick-off overseas. The Men’s Super-G is scheduled for Friday, December 16th, and the classic Men’s Downhill on Saturday, December 17th.