Sportler - Raffle with World Cup Gardena/Gröden Tickets

The successful cooperation between World Cup Gardena/Gröden and the sporting good chain Sportler AG will continue this year.

On November 11th, Sportler has started a raffle with 20 VIP tickets for the World Cup weekend in Gardena/Gröden. The raffle will be open until November 25 and is part of Sportler‚s annual Winter Opening Event. Radio, media and Citylight banners will be supporting this competition featuring tickets to the World Cup race in Gardena/Gröden.
Sportler is one of Europe‚s leaders in the space and World Cup Gardena/Gröden has decades of experience in organizing international sporting events.

„The use of a common communication platform has proven of value‰ says Gardena/Gröden General Manager Stefania Demetz. „This year‚s Sportler Winter Opening Event follows this same concept‰ adds Elisabeth Oberrauch, General Manager of Sportler. „Sportler likes to support the classic Downhill event in Gardena/Gröden. We cover all those sports that are central to our home region here in the Alps, which is also where our mission originates: Best in the Alps."