Data Sheet Saslong

Name: Saslong named after its location nestled at the foot of the Saslong mountain (3,181m) – known in German as the Langkofel, the mountain was first climbed by Paul Grohmann in 1869.

Start: Ciampinoi, 2,249m
Finish: Ruacia, 1,410m
Length: 3,446m
Difference in altitude: 839m
Maximum Gradient: 56.9%
Minimum Gradient: 11.2%
Average Gradient: 24.5%
Homologation Decree: 8341/12/06
Opened: 1967-1968 in occasion of 1970 World Championships in Gardena-Gröden
First Downhill Race: February 14th, 1969
First Winner: Jean Daniel Daetwyler (Switzerland; 2:07 minutes)
Course Record: 1:52.99 (Antoine Deneriaz, France on December 20th, 2003)