Saslong Classic Club supports Youth Programs

We host 2 FIS Super-G races on Piz Sella

We host 2 FIS Super-G races on Piz Sella

Gardena/Gröden has organized its first World Cup race in 1969. In the last four decades, the legendary Saslong course has hosted over 60 races, ...

including the World Championships in 1970.

We have been asked by the International Ski Federation FIS and the Italian Winter Sport Federation FISI to host 2 FIS Super-G races on Piz Sella on December 1.  This is part of Saslong Classic’s contribution to support Italian Youth Programs in the so-called speed disciplines Super-G and Downhill.

It has become increasingly difficult to find adequate training conditions for youth athletes, particularly in speed disciplines. This is due partly to higher costs associated with these type of races but also because courses are rarely made available. “We are excited to be able to support our up-and-coming athletes” says President Edmund Dellago, adding: “Saslong Classic Club usually tends to world class athletes. Organizing FIS Youth races gives these younger athletes the opportunity to further build their talents towards hopefully one day being able to start at a World Cup race right here on the Saslong.”

Supporting Youth Programs is part of Saslong Classic Club’s DNA given its Hermann Nogler foundation that was launched in 2001 to support local young athletes to help the valley continue to produce top athletes.