First training brought forward: Start at 10.45

Günter Hujara

Günter Hujara

The first training for the Gardena downhill this coming Saturday has been brought forward tomorrow, Wednesday, from 12.15 to 10.45. The reason behind this is that the weather forecast for tomorrow lunchtime is bad.

The first team captain meeting at the World Cup week in Val Gardena took place this evening and was characterized by the draw for the bibs for the first training run and by the weather. While the draw for the bibs went ahead smoothly, the FIS and the organizers of the Saslong Classic Club are concerned about the weather. Unstable weather conditions have been forecast for the next few days, tomorrow the clouds will increase and light snowfall is also possible.

In order to be able to hold the first training run tomorrow, it has been brought forward from 12.15 to 10.45. After the team captain meeting Race Director Rainer Senoner explained that they have
to be prepared for a lot of work these coming days to ensure that all training runs will take place: “We will already start the training at 10.45 tomorrow so that we have at least three and a half hours to complete it. On Thursday morning the weather is supposed get a little bit better so that the second training can take place as planned at 12.15.”

At the team captain meeting FIS Race Director Günter Hujara underlined that we can be very happy with the conditions in Val Gardena and although the latest snowfalls meant more work for
the workers on the piste, it covered the landscape in a winter gown. Like Race Director Senoner even Hujara is prepared for days of hard work: “The weather can change at any time, that’s why we cannot lose time tomorrow and have to start earlier. On Thursday the situation will probably be the excact opposite, after bad weather in the morning it should get better throughout the day.”

By the way, apart from talking about the weather, the start bibs for the training were drawn: Local star Peter Fill will hit the piste at 10.45 with the bib number 1