First training run: The views of the athletes

Read and listen to what the fastest skiers said after the first training run.

Hans Olsson: I hardly managed to jump over the Camel Humps
I feel good, the run went well. I wanted to jump high, but because it wasn’t that fast due to the new snow, I hardly made the jump over the Camel Humps. I had a good feeling in the finish area, but feelings, as we know, can often be deceiving. The snow was really good. The piste is softer because of the snowfall. The visibility was actually quite good, although it was a bit foggy.
Basically, I prefer races in Europe as there are more spectators on the course and the atmosphere is great. I love every jump here in Val Gardena, the Saslong is my favourite course.”

Romed Baumann: My aim is to win
The run was really good. I was able to adapt well to the conditions. It was very soft. What I planned to do, worked out. I was able to look at all the jumps, there are quite a few passages where you fly through the air on this course. I’m happy with the training.
My aim on Saturday in the downhill is to win. Last year I missed it by 0.06 seconds, so this year my aim can only be a win, but some others also want to stand at the top.
The Saslong is a traditional course that follows the profile of the mountain and was not artificially beaten into the rocks. The Camel Humps and the Ciaslat are unique passages that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Christoph Innerhofer: I always have problems here in Val Gardena.
I felt quite good. The training run didn’t mean much to me although the time wasn’t that bad. Everybody knows that Olsson is very fast here and in these conditions. The best can perform in all conditions and they are ahead even today.
Here in Val Gardena I always have problems. My aim is to gain confidence and to feel well on the skis. At the moment I’m not in great shape physically. I’m lacking lots of little things. But of course I want to win and have a good race. Nevertheless, I would be happy to reach the top 15 to 20 positions.

Joachim Puchner: Everybody has the same conditions
I’m quite happy with the training run. The piste was very soft, hopefully it will get a little harder for the race. It is difficult to say if this training was important, but in the end the skiers who are ahead now will be ahead in the race, too. It’s not that the training isn’t worth anything, because at the end of the day, everybody has the same conditions.

Erik Guay: I skied into the soft snow a lot
It wasn’t a good run. I skied into the soft snow a lot. If you lose your line in these conditions, you have no chance. I have problems with the downhill in general at the moment. I hope to be able to find my old form here in Val Gardena. I’ve often shown what I’m capable of here.”