The second training run in a flash

Hans Olsson from Sweden placed best even in today's second training run. Here you can read in detail about what else happened on the Saslong today.

11:45 | Welcome to the second training run on the Saslong!
11:55 | Today the weather is much better than during yesterday's training.
11:55 | Only a few minutes ago the jury confirmed that the race can start at the very top of the piste.
12:00 | Guillermo Fayed from France will open the training run at 12.15.
12:01 | The first camera man is already at the finish.
12:02 | For all those fans who want to follow the training run live on TV: Eurosport will be transmitting live from 12.10 onwards.
12:04 | Hopefully today's training run won't last as long as yesterday's. It took four hours until all the racers where at the finish line.
12:08 | The seven forerunners have started.
12:09 | Temperatures are mild today: Only -2 degree Celsius at the finish.
12:10 | Today's training run should prove exciting right from the start. The best racers all have quite low bib numbers.
12:12 | Yesterday's fastest racer, Hans Olsson, starts already with bib number 4. Local hero Werner Heel has bib number 7.
12:12 | Only 3 minutes left till the beginning of the race.
12:14 | Olsson won yesterday's race in 2:02.42 minutes, last year's winner won in 1:57.21 minutes.
12:15 | Yesterday all racers found the piste rather slow.
12:15 | Let's see the times today .....
12:16 |
12:17 | Fayed took 2:03.66 minutes for yesterday's downhill. Today only 2:00.47 minutes.
12:17 | So the piste has obviously become faster. Fayed improved his time by three seconds and beat yesterday's fastest time by two seconds.
12:18 | Andrej Sporn from Slovenia is on the slope. At the top he is decidedly faster than Fayed.
12:19 | Now the first Swiss skier, Ambrosi Hoffmann.
12:19 | Last year Hoffmann achieved 23rd position here in Val Gardena/Gröden.
12:20 | Today Hoffman has already lost time before reaching the Camel Humps.
12:21 | Hoffman reached the podium twice here in Val Gardena/Gröden and has great experience.
12:21 | Hoffman reaches the finish 0.33 seconds behind Andrej Sporn.
12:22 | Watch out now: Yesterday's fastest racer is on the Saslong.
12:23 | Olsson loves the piste in Val Gardena/Gröden. It is his favourite slope.
12:23 | Once again he produces a sensational race. At the top he is leading by 1.5 seconds.
12:24 | Incredible: At the last interim he was leading with 2.4 seconds.
12:24 |
12:24 | 1:57.48 minutes! Olsson is sensational.
12:24 | Let's see what this training time will bring the Swede!
12:25 | Marc Gisin will be the first to attack his best time.
12:25 | In yesterday's training Gisin finished 17th.
12:25 | At the top he is nearly one second behind Hans Olsson.
12:25 | Olsson has left his signature. He seems to be one of the favourites now.
12:25 | Marc Gisin reaches the finish line. He is second, but with 2.3 seconds arrear.
12:25 | Now comes Jan Hudec.
12:25 | The Canadian is even faster than Olsson at the top of the Saslong.
12:26 | In 2007 he was vice champion in the overall downhill World Cup, but today reaches the finish with more than 2 seconds arrear.
12:27 | The first of the Italian team has entered the race: Werner Heel.
12:28 | Heel is slow. He is already 1.87 seconds behind. Is this perhaps due to his new equipment which he hasn't been able to test yet?
12:28 | At the finish Heel is 2.66 seconds behind!
12:29 | Can the Croatian overall World Cup champion do it better?
12:29 | We are of course talking about Ivica Kostelic
12:29 | But even Ivica is slower, a lot slower than the amazing Olsson.
12:30 | Kostelic reaches the finish 3.5 seconds behind Olsson's time.
12:31 | Now the first Austrian will try to attack Olsson's time.
12:31 | But even Reichelt has no chance against Olsson.
12:32 | Reichelt, 11th in yesterday's training run, reaches the finish line in 5th place, 2.82 seconds behind Olsson.
12:32 | Patrick Kueng reached the finish in exactly two minutes. He is fourth.
12:33 | By the way: Atle Skardal won here in exactly two minutes.
12:34 | Perhaps Erik Guay can endager Olsson?
12:35 | No, even Erik Guay is over 2 seconds behind.
12:36 | Mario Scheiber crashes.
12:36 | The Austrian has been injured for a long time. Hopefully the crash is not serious.
12:37 | Scheiber fell in the Ciaslat section. He crashed into the nets with moderate speed.
12:37 | Scheiber is on his feet again. Hopefully he can participate in Saturday's race. He has been anxiously awaiting his comeback.
12:37 | Didier Defago was already on the piste when Scheiber fell and had to interrupt his race.
12:37 | The training continues with Adrien Theaux.
12:37 | Theaux is also 2 seconds off pace at the finish.
12:45 | Now the Austrian Romed Baumann, second in yesterday's training, has started the run.
12:45 | Baumann nearly fell, just like his compatriot.
12:45 | But he manages to stay up.
12:46 | He reaches the finish line just two seconds behind Olsson. He is therefore 3rd!
12:46 | And now local hero Christoph Innerhofer.
12:46 | The Saslong doesn't really suit his skiing style. He has never managed to achieve a podium position here and even today his ride over the Ciaslat meadows is rather bumpy.
12:46 | Innerhofer is 7th, but he is nearly 2.5 seconds behind Olsson.
12:46 | Klaus Kröll is nearly at the finish line.
12:46 | He comes closest to Hans Olsson's time, but still 1.22 seconds back.
12:48 | Now Olsson will be worried: Didier Cuche, winner of 18 World Cup races, has started his race.
12:49 | But even Cuche is considerably slower than Olsson: 2.34 seconds is the difference.
12:51 | And now: Bode Miller.
12:52 | The American, who once again is living in his motor home right in the finish area, was second in yesterday's training run together with Baumann.
12:53 | Miller only finishes 13th.
12:53 | Perhaps Aksel Lund Svindal can challenge Hans Olsson.
12:54 | Svindal was very happy with his performance yesterday, achieving 7th place.
12:54 | Today Svindal only finishes 18th, 3.2 seconds behind Olsson.
12:55 | Last year's winner Silvan Zurbriggen is now on the piste.
12:56 | Even Zurbriggen is surprisingly slow. He is last but one, 4 seconds behind Olsson.
12:56 | Carlo Janka, who reached the finish line after Zurbriggen is 5 seconds off the pace.
12:57 | Yesterday Joachim Puchner skied surprisingly well. Perhaps the Austrian can challenge Olsson?
12:58 | Even the next Austrian, Georg Streitberger, can't challenge the top positions. He finishes only 17th.
12:59 | No, already at the first interim time he is over 2 seconds behind.
13:00 | At the finish line Puchner is 2.37 seconds off pace.
13:00 | Even the next Austrian, Georg Streitberger, can't challenge the top positions. He finishes only 17th.
13:03 | Local hero Peter Fill from the nearby village Kastelruth, starts the training run.
13:03 | Just like Innerhofer, Fill is not a great fan of the Saslong.
13:04 | At the finish Fill is 3.35 seconds off pace. He finishes 21st. Disappointed he shakes his head.
13:05 | Yannick Bertrand is the last of the best 30 racers.
13:06 | He, too, can't challenge Olsson.
13:06 | Bertrand is 3.17 seconds off pace.
13:07 | The sun is now shining on the Saslong!
13:07 | Unfortunately the weather won't hold. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow again.
13:07 | Those responsible for the piste will have their work cut out cleaning the fresh snow from the slope.
13:08 | Tobias Stechers is skiing very fast!
13:08 | Even in yesterday's training the German put in a good performance.
13:08 | Today he finished 3rd!
13:09 | Stechert is 1.76 seconds behind the leading racer Olsson.
13:09 | The best racers have finished the race. We will of course keep you posted though right up until the last racer.
13:22 | At the moment the training run has been interrupted as the piste needs to be cleared.
13:25 | Now the top of the slope is covered in fog.
13:33 | The training run has still not been resumed.
13:34 | A small fogbank is hovering obstinately under the starting gate.
13:37 | Training resumes: Vitus Lueoend (SUI) has started.
13:42 | Max Franz, the young Austrian, shows a good performance.
13:42 | Franz skis into 15th position.
13:42 | Perhaps the "old Swede" Patrik Jaerbyn can still cause a surprise.
13:42 | He is "only" trailing by 1.97 seconds.
13:42 | At the finish line the margin has increased to 3.6 seconds. Only 27th position for him!
13:47 | Andreas Romar from Finland has just had a very ugly crash.
13:47 | But he doesn't seem to have injured himself and luckily is already standing up.
14:02 | Training is continuing and is now entering the final phase. None of the racers come close to the top postions.
14:07 | Patrick Staudacher will not partake in today's training.
14:07 | Still 17 racers to go.
14:12 | Once agian the training had to be interrupted. Visibility at the start has worsened.
14:25 | Training resumes once again.
14:27 | And again training has been stopped! Will it last four hours again like yesterday.....?
14:32 | The race continues. It probably won't last 4 hours after all.
14:33 | But 12 racers are still waiting for their turn.
14:33 | Oh no, another interruption. Even today the foggy weather is causing problems.
14:36 | An official statement from FIS: interruption due to fog.
14:36 | Let's use the time to send you Hans Olsson's statement after his dream run.
14:40 | I can't explain my lead. I felt I skied very well, but I can hardly believe I was so fast. Hans Olsson said after having clocked the fastest time. The fresh snow fall yesterday made th
14:45 | FIS has now decided that the training run must finish latest at 3 p.m., as they then have to start setting tomorrow's Super G.
14:52 | Training continues. The British skier Douglas Crawford has just started.
14:57 | Only three minutes left till the end of the training session. There are still 3 athletes waiting to ski down the Saslong, then all 79 will have arrived at the finish line.
15:02 | 3:02 p.m.: The Belorussian Yuri Danilotschkin has just crossed the finish line. Today's training session has officially finished.
15:02 | That's it for today, but we will be back again tomorrow at 11.45 with all the news about the Super G!