Second training run: The racers' comments

Hans Olsson cannot explain how he set the best time in the training runs: "I can hardly believe that I skied so fast." What else he and the other top racers said after the training to the reporters, you can read about and listen to here.

Hans Olsson: I can hardly believe I skied so fast.
"I can't explain my lead. I felt I skied very well, but I can hardly believe I was so fast." Hans Olsson said after having clocked the fastest time.
The fresh snow fall yesterday made the slope a bit less icy and this suited the Swede: “I don’t like it when the piste is too icy. Today the slope was like a dance floor. I felt as though I was dancing into the finish.”
Olsson is still very modest about being a favourite: “I realize that some people see me as a favourite. I don’t see it like that, even if I now know that I can ski fast and my self-confidence has increased.”

Klaus Kröll: It will be hard to beat Olsson
Klaus Kröll who achieved the second best time in today’s run, sees Hans Olsson as the big favourite for Saturday: “On the one hand I am very happy with my performance today, but it is clear that it will be very difficult to beat Hans Olsson if he skis like he did today. I watched his race from the start and I must say, he skied really well. He is the one to beat on Saturday, but then again he must manage to ski another dream run like today.”
Regarding his ru,n Kröll says: “ I can’t quite say where I lost time. At the top I had a few slight problems, but we must watch the video again to see what exactly went wrong. I hope Saturday will be a good day with good weather, so we can reduce the time gap between us and Olsson. I am sure, I still have a chance to win.”

Werner Heel: I hope it will get colder and the piste harder
"I felt good, even if the time gap was huge. But it would not be the first time in Val Gardena/Gröden that some are faster in the second training run than in the actual race. Let’s hope it is the other way round this time. Val Gardena/Gröden being “home” is of course an added motivation for me and the fact that I have already once won the Super G here, even more so.  I am looking forward to the races. The conditions of the slope a very different compared to three years ago when a won here. I hope it will get colder and the piste harder.”

Tobias Stechert: The last section I skied really well
I was able to confirm yesterday’s training result, so I am quite confident for tomorrow’s race. I felt good even before the start and was hoping for a placement among the top 15. I wasn’t expecting such a good position though. Right at the top I fluffed the first left turn and went a bit into the soft snow. The last section I skied really well.”