Super G: This is what the athletes said

Beat Feuz (SUI)

Beat Feuz (SUI)

Beat Feuz (SUI) has just celebrated his first Super G World Cup win on the Saslong. Read and listen to what Feuz and other racers said about the race.

Beat Feuz: Unbelievable, the number 1 lit up in the Finish 
At the Start I heard that everybody was slow. That’s why it was unbelievable when I saw the number 1 light up as I raced through the Finish. The feeling are indescribable because I wasn’t counting on this win. It was a good run with a little mistake in a passage that wasn’t deciding. I haven’t known what to do since yesterday when I wasn’t able to catch the Ciaslat properly,” Beat Feuz reacts after his win. “I’ve never skied here before, had to really risk and it simply worked out”, Feuz continues.
On his chances in the downhill Feuz comments: “For tomorrow I still have to catch up a lot and study the videos, the trainings were not ideal.”

Bode Miller: On the Saslong you always have to wait til the very end 
“When the visibility gets better, this is a great advantage on this course and that’s why a few skiers managed to race into the front. I made a few mistakes, especially at the last ten gates,” says Miller. Miller said that the visibility was not ideal during his run and that the snowfall disturbed him. “On the Saslong you always have to wait til the very end, as even a tiny bit of sun can make a big difference,” says Miller.
Referring to the Downhill the American said: “The Super G on this piste doesn’t usually give any clues about the Downhill. Tomorrow’s race will be affected by lots of factors such as the weather or bib numbers.”

Kjetil Jansrud: Low bib number was an advantage 
“When I arrived in the Finish I thought I was amongst the first ten or fifteen,” says the third placed Kjetil Jansrud.
About his expectations before the race the Norwegian says: “I wasn’t expecting to stand on the podium. But my last results – 12th, 5th and 3rd place – gave me lots of confidence.”
The low start number was an advantage for him, says Jansrud. “It was certainly an advantage to start with a low bib number.” Despite the third place his run was not perfect: “I made a few mistakes, but the run was good overall.”
Jansrud sees his chances for tomorrow as follows: “Tomorrow you certainly cannot expect to see me on the podium, but I’m getting better in the fast disciplines and, therefore, I hope to become a good allrounder.”

Christof Innerhofer: Saslong is too easy for me 
“Everybody knows the Saslong is not my favourite piste. It’s too easy for me,” Innerhofer says about the World Cup piste in Val Gardena/Gröden who once again didn’t grant him a top place. About his run the Super G World Champion said: “I did well in the top part, even if it was difficult for me to attack. Even if the result isn’t great, I’m happy because I’m realizing I’m feeling better.”
Innerhofer, who is not back to top form after an injury, says about his form: “It is important for me to feel better from training to training and from race to race, then I can be back on top soon.”
For the downhill, Innerhofer is hoping the predicted snow won’t arrive: “I hope it won’t snow tomorrow and that it isn’t too soft. In the downhill I feel better than in the Super G.

Silvan Zurbriggen: I expect a lot for the downhill 
Last year’s winner of the Downhill, Silvan Zurbriggen, who placed 47th today, about tomorrow’s downhill: “I always expect a lot, but you cannot compare today’s conditions with those of tomorrow. Not only the temperature and the ground are different. I’m very motivated and look forward to tomorrow’s race.”