Feuz wins the Super G

From left to right, Bode Miller, Beat Feuz and Kjetil Jansrud

From left to right, Bode Miller, Beat Feuz and Kjetil Jansrud

The Swiss Beat Feuz attacked from behind at the Super G World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden with bib number 26. He caught up with Bode Miller (USA) and celebrated his first Super G World Cup win on the Saslong. Miller (+ 0.3 seconds) and Kjetil Jansrud (+ 0.4 seconds) placed themselves second and third behind Feuz with a respectable distance. The Italian team didn’t do well today: The best “Azzurro” today was Peter Fill in 22nd place.

The Swiss Beat Feuz already showed he is ready for a first win this season in the first four speed races of the season: Twice he came second, once third. Feuz had only won one World Cup prior to today’s race, the Downhill in Kvitfjell in March 2011. At the Super G in Val Gardena/Gröden the Swiss was able to catch up Bode Miller with the relatively high bib number of 26. Miller (bib number 8) conjured a time on the Saslong that seemed impossible to beat. Feuz’s line was perfect from the start and he declassified his opponents in the bottommost part. In the end, Feuz distanced himself from Bode Miller by 0.3 seconds and by 0.44 seconds from the Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud (3rd). It’s bitter for Bode Miller who has been eyeing his sixth Super G World Cup win for a while. Miller’s last win in this discipline is already five years back. The US American won his last Super G right here in Val Gardena/ Gröden in December 2006.

The weather god has been sympathetic with the organizers of the Val Gardena/Gröden World Cup. By way of precaution and due to bad weather forecasts and wind gusts the organizers had moved the Start a 100 metres down, but the race was actually able to go underway in quite good conditions.
The predicted strong snowfall held off and the weather actually got better during the race. This was of great advantage to skiers with high bib numbers: The Austrian Max Franz raced into 5th place with bib number 54 and Andreas Romar from Finland landed in 7th place with number 40. The Italians could only dream of such placements: The best of the “Azzurri” was Peter Fill in 22nd place, Matteo Marsaglia came 23rd, Christof Innerhofer 24th. Werner Heel who won here in 2008 only achieved the 40th rank.
The Italians (not unexpectedly) didn’t do that well, but neither the Austrians were able to achieve top ranks. Joachim Puchner (8th), Mario Scheiber (9th) and Klaus Kröll (10th) were, however, able to secure top ten positions.

Tomorrow the Downhill will take place here in Val Gardena/Gröden from 12.15.