Online Press Review

Cancellation in Gardena/Gröden: Wind blows away one of the classic Downhill races says. Shortly after the cancellation, the international media agreed with the jury’s decision to suspend the race.

The Kurier, one of Austria’s leading newspapers, quoted the past world class Downhill racer (1988 2nd on the Saslong) and now TV commentator Armin Assinger: “To cancel a race in spite of such a beautiful winter scenery is unpopular,” Assinger says, “but on the other hand it shows the functionaries have a backbone.” Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport points out that the situation was critical right from the start: “The organizers were already forced to lower the starting point right from the beginning.”

Associated Press quotes Bode Miller: “I think it was the right call. If wind hits you on the camel jumps that's a career-ending injury.” The leader, Johan Clarey from France was of course anything but happy about the cancellation:  “The conditions were changeable but not dangerous, we've competed in races where the risks were greater. I'm annoyed.” The Swiss Neue Züricher Zeitung speculates about the two leading racers: “If the ranking would have remained the same until the end of the race, it would have been the first French double victory in a World Cup Downhill in the last 41 years.”