Three Questions for Race Director Rainer Senoner

Rainer Senoner is the Race Director in Gardena/Gröden since 1999 and FIS Technical Delegate since 2005. He opened this World Cup season in Sölden as the TD for both the women and men’s races.

1st Question: There are only a few days to go to the races. In what condition is the race course?
Rainer Senoner: “The Saslong is better than ever. In fact, it is in perfect conditions thanks to the snow and cold temperatures of the last few days and nights. This weekend it was used by many recreational skiers in the opening weekend for the ski season. Now, the course is at the OCs disposal. The technical snow, mixed in with the natural one, allows for a perfect preparation and an excellent racing profile. Over 12,000 meters of safety nets have been affixed to ensure the safety of the athletes. On Monday, FIS Race Director Helmuth Schmalzl set the downhill course followed by the first training day on Wednesday when also the Jury will view the course. Most of the ski teams have already arrived in the valley to start preparations for the races. I wish them all best of luck!”

2nd Q.: What exactly is your job for these races?
R.S.: “I am a member of the Jury which is comprised of four individuals. My role is to represent the Organizing Committee with the hope to always decide what is best for the sport. I am virtually attached to the walkie-talkie to be able to monitor any developments on the course and be ready if a decision has to be made.”

3rd Q.: What is your role within the OC?
R.S.: “As Race Director my role varies. For example, all year round I am responsible for the athletic aspect of the event. During the summer, I build and maintain relationships with a wide network of local, national and international entities which I rely upon during the race week if we are in a bind or need to make decisions in a timely manner. The fall is primarily dedicated to working on the race course. My technical team helps to identify those team members  who are most qualified to work for this highly professional event. After the race I evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t to be better prepared for next year.