Kick off at 12.12 o’clock: Win with Facebook

The 12/12/12 is also a special date at the Worldcup in Gardena/Groeden. At 12.12 o’clock 12 entry tickets and fan souvenirs will be given away on the Facebook Fan website of the Worldcup races on the Saslong ( It’s worth clicking “Like”!

You can follow the Gardena/Groeden Worldcup races also on Facebook. already has over 5200 fans and daily new ones are joining. If you are not a fan yet, it is high time you joined as via Facebook you can win entry tickets for both races as well as fan souvenirs.
At 12 o’clock the lottery, actually a quiz, will begin. You will have to answer questions about the Worldcup on the Saslong. The first one to post the correct answers, will win! First prize: 2 entry tickets! The winner can choose whether to attend the Super G or the Downhill race. So don’t forget: Check out at 12 o’clock and answer the question as fast as possible!