First Training: This is what the skiers had to say

Aksel Lund Svindal has shown his top-form on the Saslong. Listen and read here what Svindal and his fellow top skiers had to say about today's first training run.

Christof Innerhofer: I have my issues on the Saslong
"My training run wasn't exactly exhilarating. As we all know, I have my issues on the Saslong course because a few key sections call for perfect gliding. But at least the training run went better than in the past. My intentions aren't set on the podium as it just wouldn't be realistic. I hope to place in the top 15."

Klaus Kröll: I hope the favorites to win the race will be the same as in today's training run
"The Saslong looks really good this year. It is in tip-top shape and the weather was perfect. Everyithing is ready and I'm sure the course will continue to develop further. I hope the favorites to win the race will be the same who ranked so well in today's training run. But there are a few more skiers who could be in the mix: Peter Fill was very fast but pulled back a little before the Finish. There are at least another five to ten racers who have it in them to win. Everything is a little tighter this year but Svindal remains the top favorite. Let's hope for good weather, that's always the most critical part."

Dominik Paris: Saslong was beautiful, but slow
"Being back in Gardena/Gröden means skiing on hometurf" is how Dominik Paris commens his training run, adding: "The course isn't bad, but slow due to the cold temperatures. I think the course will be faster on race day, at least if the weather holds. I feel always great here, but it could be a little warmer.".

Erik Guay: Waves will play a big role
"The course looks really good. It always feels great to come back to Gardena/Gröden. I really like it here. Today is sunny and cold which makes the snow really compact and with a good grip. The jumps will be crucial this year"

Aksel Lund Svindal: Saslong was great to ski today
The fastest in today’s training run Aksel Lund Svindal commented his run and the course as follows: “The course looks really great. There are plenty of good waves and it is fun to ski it. Let’s hope the weather holds, but there is just no guarantee for that.”