Snow on Saturday: Jury is Evaluating Alternatives

It might be sunny and cold with clear skies in Gardena/Gröden right now, but a weather front is approaching and conditions might significantly change on the night to Saturday: up to six inches of snow are expected putting the Jury on high alert. At today’s meeting, the FIS Race Director Günter Hujara informed the team captains that preparations have been made to be able to shorten the course, to change the start time and/or to hold the race in two different runs.

Today’s Team Captains’ Meeting was all about the weekend’s weather forecast. Clouds are expected for Friday but a possible snow dump could come through on Friday night. In speaking with, Hujara said: “The weather forecast mentions possible snow falls. Saturday is still a ways away so maybe it won’t snow and the race can take place as expected. But we want to be prepared in the case of snow. The highest priority is the completion of the race.”
The Jury discussed several scenarios and plans for a variety of alternatives. Moving the Downhill to the Super-G start, delaying the begin of the race from 12:15 pm to up to 2:45 pm as well as splitting the race into two runs both starting from the “Wall” section of the course. “We don’t want to miss any chances which is why we informed the teams today” added FIS Race Director Hujara. All the better if the races take place as originally planned.