Second Training: What the Athletes had to Say

While clocking today's best time in the Downhill training run, Kjetil Jansrud is all about tomorrow's Super-G: "I believe my chances are better in the Super-G which is what I will focus on now. The Downhill training and the race are more of an added benefit  for me." says Jansrud. Read and listen here what he and others had say about today's training run.

Kjetil Jansrud: Fully concentrated on the Super-G
"I believe I never was fastest in a Downhill training, certainly not here in Gardena/Gröden. In fact, I was 6.5 seconds behind the leader in both training runs two years ago. I picked a good line, but let's face it, this is a training and the race will be a whole other affair. On Saturday, many will be much faster than today. I'm happy so far but I will for sure turn it up a bit for the race as well. My chances are probably better for the Super-G so that is what I will focus on now. The Downhill training and the race are more of an added benefit for me."

Siegmar Klotz: I can see myself in the top 20
"The course is in very good conditions and the Italian team could place really well here on the Saslong. Personally, I'd be delighted to get some World Cup points and maybe ski within the top 20."

Christof Innerhofer: The combo of flats and jumps just isn't my thing
"Many of my fans will be at the race, but my expectations are dampened. I am not dissatisfied with my training runs which actually went better than in years past. My aim is to ski somewhere between rank 10 and 15, as I don't think I'll be able to do better than that. This track combines flats and jumps and that just isn't my thing. Nevertheless, I will do my best and ski as fast as possible."

Manuel Osborne-Paradis: A top ten rank would be great
"After my injury I'm all about building up self confidence. Today, I could have skied better in a few sections letting my skis run more. I was 2.2 seconds behind but started with a high big. A top ten rank would be great."

Joachim Puchner: I'm not exactly pleased
"Skiing felt very good as the track is sensational. It's fun with all the great jumps and its good conditions. Personally, though, I'm not exactly pleased with my performance. But only Saturday counts."