Svindal isn’t just fast on the course, he is also prolific on the net

Aksel Lund Svindal is currently setting the standard in all things ski. He raced four podiums in the last four speed events. But he is not just fast on the course, he is also fast at sharing his opinions on social media. Here is what has  learned in a conversation with the Norwegian.

“Social media is a great way to share my thoughts in an unfiltered way” says Svindal. This is particularly important when a statement could be taken out of context or not sound quite as I thought it should.” says Svindal. “This doesn’t happen in Social Media because I can directly communicate with my fans” adds the current World Cup leader.
Direct and unfiltered communication is but one of the benefits of social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are also useful to show the masses what the life of a top-ranking athlete really looks like. “I can show how I train, and share what else happens to me away from skiing” states Svindal.
In his view, Facebook et al. are not just here to share his (public) life with his fans, it also helps him to follow other people: “Social Media allows me to stay connected to the rest of the world.”