The Gardena/Gröden Program for Saturday

The Downhill race will play center-stage on Saturday, but there is more on offer than the classic speed performance. The entertainment program kicks off at 8:00 am with a World Cup Strudel and runs through the night culminating in one of the many classic party locations.

The Gardena/Gröden Program in more detail:
8:00 am onward: World Cup strudel at Cafè Andy in St. Christina
9:30 am: Traditional Bavarian breakfast at Bar Marina and at La Tambra Restaurant
10:00 am: Traditional Bavarian breakfast with live music along the Saslong course at the Saslonch Hut
10:30 am: Music, Fan-TV, games and entertainment at the Saslong Stadium
10:45 am: Fan parade through St.Christina
12:15 pm: Men’s Ski World Cup Downhill
2:00 pm: Award ceremony for Men’s Downhill at Saslong Stadium followed by the award ceremony for the fan clubs
2:00 pm onward: “World Cup Party Heustadl 2012” at Hotel Wolkenstein
4:00 pm onward: Lounge Party at Pedes Lounge Bar, Hotel Florian, at Finish area of Saslong
8:30 pm onward: “Ski World Cup Party” with Chris in Concert at Bar La Stua (Selva/Wolkenstein)
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