Super-G: This is what the Fastest had to Say

Looks like Aksel Lund Svindal had a lot of fun on the track today. At leas that is what he is heard saying to reporters at the Finish: The race went very well. You had to ski aggressively and is exactly what I did." Read and listen here what he and the other top skiers had to say after the races.

Svindal on the Super-G: You have to be aggessive.
Svindal on his winning race: "The race went very well. You had to ski aggressively and that's exactly what I did. I am sure that the I will not continue to dominate the season, but I will certainly try to ski fast. There are so many other good skiers out there. It isn't that easy right now."

Matteo Marsaglia on Super-G: It is a nice surprise
"I am truly surprised by my own performance today. I knew I could win in Beaver Creek but I was less convinced of it here today. Let's say it is a nice surprise for me. Today we all skied very well and that's a great boost to our team and, let's face it, to Italy in general. A part from the results that speak for themselves, I'd like to bring people's attention back to the world of ski sport maybe even taking a little away from the ever-present soccer in this country. We did really well also with Werner Heel and Christof Innerhofer whose mistake cost him a place on the podium. Svindal? He is in a class of his own!"

Heel on the Super-G: I am speechless
"This was a mega run today! I am speechless. Super is all i can say. I am so happy not the least because the last two years were very hard on me. Our team is strong and we have trained a lot this year. Everything has been provided to us to be able to garner these results now. Svindal is still too far ahead, but hopefully we'll be able to catch him over the course of the season."

Adrien Theaux on the Super-G: The French will get their moment
"The Italians are kicking off things well but the season is long and the French will get theri moment to shine as well. Last year's Donwhill was a bad day but this is a new race and it's a new season. I worked very hard to ski well tomorrow. My major focus for this year are the World Championships and the Super-G and Downhill World Cup."