Two is Better Than One: Klotz/Paris Fun Club Wins

Siegmar Klotz and Dominik Paris might not have excelled on the course today but their fan club was named the winner of this year’s fan club competition in Gardena/Gröden.

The parade was almost exclusively a local South Tyrolean affair until three years ago. Fans of Christof Innerhofer and Patrick Staudacher successively won the prize of most impressive and memorable fan club. But things changed when the fan club of the Italian ski team „Sarone per gli azzurri“ went on to win two yeas ago followed by Silvan’s Zurbriggen entourage last year.
But his year, a South Tyrolean fan club is back in the lead. Fans of “Domme” Paris and “Siegi” Klotz have brought the trophy back home. Their friendship circle is so close that they even share their fan club which is called “Heilousn”, a derivation of the local dialect.
It’s worth mentioning that the fan club wasn’t just impressively dressed in a uniform, vivid green outfit, but the equipment it dragged along was as much part of the appeal: a kitchen on wheels ensured that nobody was starving during the parade to the Saslong.