Fan Club “The Heilousn” hosted in Gardena/Gröden

In early October, Vice World Champion Dominik Paris and Team Colleague Siegmar Klotz were hosted in Gardena/Gröden along with 25 members of their fan club to redeem the victory in the Fan Parade.

“This is the first time that we managed to include the actual athletes of the fan club” says Fan Club coordinator Genni Tschurtschenthaler. “We are very proud of this”.

The 1st prize consisted of an outing to the Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm. The “Heilousn” were welcomed at the mountain station of the gondola with a cocktail. Event coordinator Günter Comploj gave a brief speech indicating that the “Heilousn” were the backbone of the finish stadium. The fan club was “colorful, enthusiastic and very creative”. The fans continued their hike to the Sanon where they were expected and catered by mountain rescuer and hut host Raphael Kostner along with his wife Maddalena and son Daniel. “We had a fabulous time” says Kitz winner Dominik Paris. “The food was delicious, the OC very welcoming and the atmosphere relaxed, even if the weather wasn’t cooperating”. Siegmar Klotz grabbed the accordion and along with Dominik Paris and Günter Comploj (guitar) provided for some musical entertainment of the group. 

The fan club “Die Heilousn” counts approximately 400 members, predominantly from the Ulten valley, but also from other areas of South Tyrol. “Our priority is to stand out” says Fan Club manager Dagmar Gruber. “Which is why we went with green outfits, the color of hope”. And “We will be back in December. We still have to work on our theme to make sure that we’ll win again the Fan Parade prize.  That is also Siegmar Klotz’ plan, if rather on the course and not alongside it. “The Saslong really suits my characteristics. Let’s see what emerges in December...”. The Fan Club hike was financially supported by Val Gardena-Gröden Marketing.