Course Director awaits first Cold Snap

Horst Demetz

Horst Demetz

Preparations have come to an end on the Saslong this Friday after two solid weeks of work. "We have mounted and anchored Type-A FIS Safety Nets on both Sochers Walls all the way to the Camel Humps, ....

then at Ciaslat and Nucia and along the Final Schuss. We also concluded all clean-up works.” says Course Director Horst Demetz. Ten of his team members were actively involved, including Michael Burghardt from the OC of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The Course Director is now waiting for the season’s first cold snap. Based on the long-term weather forecast, this could happen as soon as early November. “We are prepared for the lift company Saslong to cover the entire race course with artificial snow using its modern snow gun system”, adds Demetz.

The third phase of the race preparations will kick off on December 2nd. That is when 30 people will be active on the course, to set up the start house, build the TV towers and put in place the Type-B FIS Safety Nets and Safety Mats.