Saslong is a Winter Wonder Land

The Saslong course is covered in snow from top to bottom. Approximately 15 inches of snow have fallen at the Start, 10 inches at the Finish.

The lift company has also activated its 30 snow machines although they had to be stopped at about 1:00 am due to strong winds. Machines were re-deployed at 8:00 am this morning with temperatures at about -8.8°C at the Start and -4°C at the Finish. This allowed for artificial snow production from the Sochers wall to the Finish. Strong winds at the Start did not allow for the snow machines to be in use all the way to the Flat section. Race Course Director Horst Demetz pointed out that the artificial snow helps stabilize natural snow. Weather forecasts predict further snow falls and even lower temperatures over the next few days. Race preparation of the course will start next week.