A Charged Cooperation

For the first time, World Cup Gardena Gröden is cooperating with AEW, one of Northern Italy’s leading energy companies. AEW has a market share of 50% in South Tyrol, counting 175,000 active contracts.

Goal of the cooperation is to realize mutual synergies. “World Cup Gardena/Gröden is like an attractive retail shop window that we’re using to present AEW to the public”, says Walter Stirner, President of Etschwerke Trading. “The races on Saslong are some of the world’s most famous ski events”. The South Tyrolean energy company can look back on 120 years of successful corporate history. “Tradition and innovation are what bring AEW and World Cup Gardena/Gröden together” says World Cup Gardena/Gröden President Edmund Dellago. “We want to put more effort into our joint communication platforms. For example, the VIP tent will be named AEW SasLounge this year.” Saslong has been hosting races since 1969 and was the venue of the 1970 Ski World Championships. The 46th Saslong Classic will take place on December 20th and 21st with a Super-G and a Downhill. “Just like the athletes are charged as they whiz down the course at the bottom of the Langkofel mountain range, AEW is providing the necessary energy to the World Cup Gardena/Gröden to ensure that our racing champions are generating record performances.”