Great Offers for Spectators

VIP Area
The VIP Tent is called aew Saslounge and offers two exciting options: "Feel Free" and "Platinum".

PLATINUM is the exclusive area of the VIP tent. Assigned seating, distinguished ambience and ideal for a relaxed lunch with friends and business associate alike. Exquisite cuisine, top service and a unique atmosphere at the heart of the Finish.
FEEL FREE is the “get-together” area of the Finish. True ski enthusiasts and wannabes can mix and mingle in a relaxed sporty atmosphere talking all things ski while dining on superb culinary fair. Seats are not assigned and guests sit on modern bar stools where and with whomever they feel like.

Finish Area
FAN CLUBS - Celebrate with Fans: The fan stands form the back-bone of the Finish. Banners, trumpets and colorful outfits to cheer on the fastest skiers of the world.
JUST ENJOY - Enjoy stadium atmosphere: Experience your favorite athletes as they cross the finish line right in front of you.
ACTION - Be there and everywhere: Enjoy the race from the Start, along the course, from Sochers, at the Camel Humps or from the Finish? The Action ticket allows for this and more! Be free and flexible to decide at the last minute.

Camel Humps Adventure
RED BULL ENERGY POINT AND VIP CAMEL HUMPS: Watch the Camel High Flyers: Located directly at the base of the Camel Humps, experience your Downhill Stars flying over the Camel Humps, hear as they swoosh by in their high-tech racing suits and see them desperately clawing their edges at maximum speed into the icy Ciaslat meadow.

More information on all ticket options here.