Impressions of the first training: Bumpy Ciaslat

The skiers all agreed after the first training session today on the Saslong: the piste is considerably bumpier and rougher compared to other years. Werner Heel put it perfectly: "In the Ciaslat meadow your skis are in the air more than on the snow." Click here for the first impression of the first training run.

Werner Heel: „In the Ciaslat section you’re in the air more than on the snow”
“The piste is in pretty good condition. There are, however, quite a few waves because there is not that much snow, especially in the Ciaslat meadow. There the skis are in the air more than on the snow. My time difference is far to big for a first training, but I will analyse it all in detail and I’m pretty confident.”

Christof Innerhofer: I’m looking for the right feel for the piste
“In the first training run it’s important to find the right feel for the piste, because the course is different every year. The jumps are further sometimes, sometimes less far. In some sections I tried to ski at race pace and that went quite well overall, but I can still do better. Today’s training wasn’t too bad.”

Erik Guay: “The Saslong is more challenging this year“
“I love coming to Val Gardena every year. Val Gardena and the Saslong are special places for me. The piste is looking good and there are some great jumps again. The Saslong is a bit more aggressive this year compared to other years. So it’s more challenging. I made some mistakes in some places today.”

Patrick Kueng: „I want to keep performing well here“
"I had a great start to the season with three top five finishes and one win. Even today, it went really well. I trained well in the summer and want to perform just as well here in Europe as I did at the races in America. My expectations are the same as at the beginning of the year: I want to take a step forward. It’s obvious you can’t always count on a victory. The men’s field is very strong and you always have to give 120%."