Friday’s programme

Tomorrow, Friday 20th December, things will really get going! It’s time for the Super-G which will kick off at 12.15. From 11 am onwards there will be all sorts of entertainment including music with DJ Ondy and games down in the finish area of the Saslong.

In the evening from 6 pm onwards you will be able to enjoy a light show as well as the award ceremony for the Super-G in the Antonius Square in Ortisei. The bib draw for the downhill will also take place there and you’ll get the chance to see the downhill athletes up close.
However, that’s not it! During the day there are all sorts of other World Cup Adventures going on in bars and cafés in S. Cristina, such as strudel tasting and live music. At 10 am there’s a fan club meeting and the “Saslong Arena Party” will kick off at 2 pm in the finish area. There will also be a “World Cup Party” at Piz 5 in S. Cristina from 4 pm and live music at the Café Soviso in Ortisei from 7 pm.

Friday’s programme:
From 11 am onwards:
Music, fan TV, games and entertainment in the finish area
Warm-up with Dj Ondy
12.15 pm
Start of the Super-G
From 8 am to 7 pm at Café Andy in S. Cristina
“World Cup” strudel tasting
10 am at Bar Marina and Café Andy in S, Cristina
Traditional brunch or “World Cup” strudel tasting
From 2.30 pm at the Aps Ski Snow Bar in the finish area
“Saslong Arena Party” with live music and DJ Sasha
From 6 pm onwards in the Antonius Square in Ortisei
Light show
Super-G award ceremony
Pictures of the day
Downhill athletes up close and personal during bib draw
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