Impressions of the 2nd training run

Svindal ahead of Guay, Guay ahead of Svindal: the results of the two training runs on the Saslong leave no doubt as to who the top favourites are for the downhill on Saturday. Here the impressions of the racers after today’s training run.

Aksel Lund Svindal: I could win!
“I had a good run both days, so did Erik, so it looks like it could be a good race for us tomorrow, we’ll see, but I feel comfortable. It’s a tough course, but I feel I could really win it”.

Kjetil Jansrud: Slope is awesome
“The slope is in really good shape, lots of long jumps and the snow is perfect, but I have to be a little faster. The run was fine, some small mistakes in there but nothing big. It looks like the slope just keeps getting faster, but we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll have a nice, even race on Saturday with good conditions.”

Bode Miller: It’s tough
“The jumps are big, but there’s just nothing to the course here. They just keep making more and more turns. It’s kind of hard to tell. The guys are fast and they have no idea why they’re fast, they’re just skiing the same as everybody else. Those who are slower don’t know why either. That makes it kind of tough.”

Werner Heel: placement is ok, but big gap
“The gap worries me a bit, even if I did come in 8th. Especially the two leaders are ahead by far. But now we just have to wait and see how the piste and the weather turn out. I’m pretty sure a good result is possible. Just like yesterday, we’ll have to analyze the training run in detail and try to figure out where I lost time.”

Peter Fill: It’s always difficult to predict
“It’s always difficult to predict after two training runs. I was second after last year’s final training run and was nearly last. I think we always need a bit of luck. Last year I was a bit unlucky, now I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go really fast in the race.”

Joachim Puchner: „I was quite surprised when I saw the time“
“I had to go through qualifying within the team so I knew I had to ski well. I was quite surprised when I saw the time as I made one or two mistakes and I had a feeling it might not be enough to qualify. But it was alright in the end.”