Val Gardena World Cup on TV: ORF 1, SRF 2 and ZDF broadcasting live

300 journalists, cameramen and photographers are reporting on the World Cup races in Val Gardena this year. The Super-G will be broadcast live tomorrow, Friday 20th December, on ORF 1 and SRF 2 as well as in Germany on the Internet via ZDF. On Saturday, 21st December, ORF 1, SRF 2 and ZDF will broadcast the downhill direclty. Eurosport will also be broadcasting both races live.

A total of 20 TV channels from 15 countries will be reporting live on the FIS World Cup on the Saslong, plus another 20 stations that will broadcast with a time delay.
Director for Infront, Sandro De Manincor, is once again responsible for all international TV images. “This year we have a new camera position at the Camel Humps. Our camera man buries himself in the humps, so that he can shoot the racers from below whilst they are jumping. In addition to that we have also positioned a high-speed camera by the Ciaslat meadow this year as due to the rough piste that passage promises even more suspense this year. We can take 1,000 pictures per second with the high speed camera and can, therefore, show much more detail,” De Manincor reveals about the novelties which viewers at home can look forward to on TV.

Here an overview of German channels broadcasting live:

Super G (20th December)
12.05 Uhr – SRF 2
12.10 Uhr – ORF 1
12.10 Uhr – ZDF (only on the Internet)
12:15 Uhr – Eurosport International

Downhill (21st December)
12.05 Uhr – ZDF
12.05 Uhr – SRF 2
12.10 Uhr – ORF 1
12.00 Uhr – Eurosport International