Saturday Program

Red Bull is front and center on today’s events on and off the Saslong course.
Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR) and Erik Guay (CAN) are two Red Bull racers who have been dominating the Saslong course. The two will also play a key role in tomorrow’s race bringing their shared sponsor to our attention. In addition, Red Bull will also take center stage off the course with a spectacular air show featuring the Flying Bulls shortly before the start of the Downhill race. 

The entertainment program kicks off at 8:30 am with apple strudel tasting at Cafè Andy (8:00 am) followed the Fan Club meeting at Bar Marina and Cafè Andy at 10:00 am. The Saslonch hut along with racing course will be offering a traditional breakfast menu along with live music starting at 10:00 am.

The first highlight of the day is the Fan Club parade through the town of St.Christina at 10:45 am. After that, things will happen fast: Red Bull Energy point at the Camel Humps with Hot Bull, snacks, giant plasma TV with live broadcast from the course starts at 11:00.  At 11:15 am we’ll experience the spectacular air show by renowned Flying Bull fleet.
Start of the Downhill is at 12:15 pm. After completion of the race, the award ceremony will be held at the Saslong Stadium starting at 2:00 pm, followed by the Fan Festival award ceremony and Gianni Marzola prize award to the youngest racer.

The party will continue with festivities in all of St.Christina and Selva/Wolkenstein, including the Hotel Florian, Piz 5 and bar “La Stua”.