The Voices of the Super-G

Overall satisfied is how Aksel Lund Svincal commented his victorious run on the Saslong: “I managed a great race top to bottom”. You can read and hear what else Svindal and all the others had to say about today’s event on the Saslong.

Aksel Lund Svindal: Great race top to bottom
"I managed a great race from the top to the bottom. One has to ski very precisely and move just right on this course. The waves are what's challenging. When you are late, and have to jump off a wave, then you won't have time to adjust"

Hudec: I couldn’t be more happy.
“Today was huge for me; not sure if it was because I was able to ski the way I knew in my head I could ski. I still made a few mistakes, skiing a bit too conservatively at the Wall in the fog there, also made a mistake at the Camel Humps. But beside that, it’s incredible to have skied the fastest at the bottom. Couldn’t be more happy with how I skied today."

Adrien Theaux: Some thought it’s easy but then it wasn’t
“The slope and the snow is very good, not bumpy, but there are a lot of rolls, big bumps and jumps. The track is not very hard but with the big rolls it’s getting more difficult. Lots of guys out at top and finish… they thought it was easy but then it wasn’t really. I did a good ski, it could be better if I were first but I am happy. Hope the same for tomorrow, training was difficult as I tried something new and I think it will be better.”

Kjetil Jansrud: Skied well in Ciaslat, but then lost speed
“Course setting was great. I skied well in Ciaslat but lost speed due to a few mistakes later on. But I’m happy. A fourth place is always a little bitter, particularly if only 10/100 separate you from the podium. But there must be fourths, too. The Super-G looked easy, but when you risk a lot, you also make more mistakes due to the speed. Many have risked too much today and didn’t finish. Most importantly, nobody got injured.”

Romed Baumann: Already lost a second at the top
“I did not ski well at the top and was already one second behind Svindal. But then I went full throttle and my skis ran beautifully. Overall, I am pleased. It’s not totally clear to me why I lost that much time. Due to the fog, I could only see one gate at a time. Maybe I chose too wide a line then.”

Bode Miller: Lost a lot at the bottom
" I gave a lot of time away between the bottom of Ciaslat to the Finish. I knew when I crossed to the Finish line that this wasn’t going to do it. The course is so easy right now. Everybody is pushing too hard right now which is why they are blowing off course."

Innerhofer: Wanted to ski even more aggressively
“I was quite aggressive before the start. I knew from last year, that I can ski into the top ten. I was one of the best on the Ciaslat and that gave me confidence. It was proof that I can still be fast in the turns. I wanted to be more aggressive, but then something gave in my shoe and I didn’t feel totally safe anymore. I am very, very happy with my result.”

Ted Ligety: I could have hopped back on
"This isn’t an ideal hill for me ... when it is so straight and such an easy hill, although it has a lot of terrain and you have to take a lot of risks, particularly when you are small and as light as I am. I just got pinched off at a gate and shooted off, high-sided. I could have hopped back on the course but I was seven seconds out...  I was going for it and when things come together I can still be fast on a hill like this…"