The Voices of the Downhill

Four times is how often Erik Guay was on the podium in Val Gardena/Gröden, but never had he won. Which explains his excitement with today’s gold. “This is clearly a very special win for me. I already skied well here last year but then Nyman and Perko took my gold.”  Hear what else the racers had to say about today’s race on the Saslong.

Erik Guay: Things can change in a heart beat on the Saslong
“It is a sweet victory. There is a little hesitation because I knew that in Gardena, things can change in a heart beat. But at the moment I know that I skied very well, took the chances where it was necessary. Last year I was also pleased with my race and then, not to take away from Nyman and Perko, they came and grabbed my gold. I don’t spent too much time thinking about that race because often enough I was on the other side of the 1/100 secs game. You learn to take it when it goes your way and forget it when it doesn’t.”

Jansrud: Very pleased with the recovery
"I was not sure that the result would hold up when I finished. I tried to ski well at the top, was very charged up but did also have the impression that I was a little defensive going into the Ciaslat and when I came through the finish I saw the green light and was thrilled. Let’s hope that result stays like this. I’m very pleased with the progress given the injury and recovery. Not exactly a relief but good to see that it is paying off. Let’s hope it keeps up. The Canada-Norway partnership is impressive, we are doing the right thing and it is a confirmation that our training and spirit is in the right place and that we are doing the right thing. It was NOR-CAN yesterday, and today it is the other way around. Obviously, I would have been happier if I had been 13/100 secs faster."

Clarey: Overall a very tough race
Not always fast, but even if you’re fast it’s not always a good result in the end. I had a podium five years ago, so this is always a good place for me. Pretty tough race, one of the toughest races Val Gardena I’ve ever done. Very long jumps, very tough sections. Overall a very tough year here.

Aksel Lund Svindal: I made a few mistakes at the Ciaslat entry.
“I made a few mistakes at the Ciaslat entry. But conditions in Val Gardena/Gröden are always mixed and one has to be lucky. This is why it’s so difficult to win the Downhill. I am thrilled for Erik and that no skier with a high bib number came in to steal the show. A surprise like that might be fun, but it doesn’t seem fair.”

Bode Miller: When you take off, it’s very far
The Camel Humps are really big. When you take off, it’s very far, further than from where we stand here at the Finish to the Tunnel half-way up the Final Schuss. It doesn’t look that far on the TV, but when you take off, it’s very far.

Heel: I am one of the best
“I was a little upset at myself yesterday, because of my dumb mistakes and because I wasn’t totally concentrated going into the race. But today I am pleased. I am one of the best skiers and that boosts my confidence for the next race. I want to ski Bormio as well as I know I can. I managed to do just that in a few of the sections in today’s race. “

Peter Fill: Great up on top, but then I didn’t quite find the rhythm.
“I am very pleased. I skied well at the top, but then didn’t quite find the right rhythm in the middle and lower part of the course. Overall, I am pleased because this isn’t exactly my type of course and my lag was limited. This makes me confident for the rest of the season.”