Fan Club Competition: Heilousn take Stage with very own Music Band

There is one good thing for Dominik Paris’ injury during this week’s training on the Saslong. It gave him the opportunity to more closely enjoy his fan club. The duo Klotz and Paris cheering “Heilousn” came with wine, speck and a music band and for this they were rewarded the first prize once again.

This year’s audience was larger than ever here in St. Christina during the World Cup Downhill race. In fact, for the first time it was sold out. Likewise, fan grand stands were packed to the gills with fans of Silvan Zurbriggen, Christof Innerhofer and Carlo Janka, as well as the “Heilousn” for Dominik Paris and Sigmar Klotz, Werner Heel, Matthias Mayr, Peter Fill, Joachim Puchner and Max Franz who together provided for a soccer-stadium-like atmosphere.

Before the fans could cheer on their idols on the course, they all participated in a joint parade through the town of St. Christina. This gave them the opportunity to impress the Jury with particularly clever ideas. After all, the winner of the fan club competition was an enjoyable summer excursion in the mountains surrounding the valley.

Winner of the competition was the dual club of Dominik Paris and Sigmar Klotz.  The 100-man-and-woman-strong group convinced with their very own supply station handing out wine and locally produced speck along with its very own music band. The fans of Max Franz and Silvan Zurbriggen were also quite impressive but didn’t match the Heilousn.

Fans of Paris and Klotz also won last year: They already impressed with their vivid green uniforms and tag-along equipment last year. By the way, “Heilousn” is a locally coined term that is hard to translate. Let’s just say that it describes a particularly extraordinary physical and spiritual high.