Stefania Demetz: “What a gorgeous day”

"Today was one of the best editions of the race in Val Gardena/Gröden." This is what a beaming Stefania Demetz, CEO of the ski races in the valley, had to say at termination of the race. Weather has been a tricky factor in the last few years, but today was gorgeous.

“Finally, we were able to host a Downhill in the sunshine, a race that was almost regal. The stadium was packed, the TV images splendid and the overall satisfaction rate sky-high. It should always be like this.”

The audience was incredible. “There were 10,000 spectators, more than ever before. Sure, the sunny conditions helped, but also the strength of the Italian team got people to come and live the race. Everything fell into place, also those side events organized on the spot, turned out great. For us,  10,000 people marks a new record; never have I seen as many people along the Camel Humps. The audience was very involved.”