Downhill: What the Racers had to Say

All racers agreed after the race that the Saslong was harder this year than ever. Listen and read what else they had to say here.

Nyman: Ignored the Role of Favorite
Steven Nyman: “I totally focussed on the race and didn’t think twice about the fact that I’m going into the race as the favorite to win. Those thoughts didn’t even enter my mind and I fully focused on the race and my movements.
I had full confidence at the start that I can take a little more direct line which allowed for much more variance and creativity in the run.
The Camel Hump jump was very long, the others not so extraordinarily. My airborne time during the training was higher and I’m glad that the jumps were adjusted. I must have flown by about 70 m.
I have a large team and feel very supported and lucky to have their trust as an athlete and also to be trusting them.”

Jansrud: Attacking from Top to Bottom
Kjetil Jansrud: “It was a good run and I pushed hard from top to bottom, all the way. Watching Steven Nyman’s run from the Start, I knew it was solid. He had an impressive run and that’s not surprising. He’s a great skier and in good shape.
I went into this race with the mentality that I could beat him. I gave it my very best, without making any big mistakes and also my tactics were right.
Equipment was not the decisive factor today. Steven has fast skis, but so do I I. He probably had more sun at the top, and I at the bottom. It all evens out and just doesn’t make much sense to over-analyze it.”

Paris: A Tough Race
Dominik Paris: “Today was a tough race. You had to go full throttle from the Start. The course was turbulent, hitting hard from all sides and when you go schuss on that for the entire race, you’re simply exhausted by the time you reach the Finish. Ciaslat wasn’t easy this year, either. All in all, it was tough.”

Fayed: Course Faster than during Training
Guillermo Fayed: “I’m pleased with my run. The course was very hard and quite faster than during the training. And the jumps were high and long, too.”