Super-G: The Start List

Matteo Marsaglia from Italy is opening today’s Super-G at 12:15 am on the Saslong. Christof Innerhofer (3) and Werner Heel (5) are the other two top Italian skiers with low starting bibs. Top favorite Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) will start with number 20.

This season’s give speed events saw Jansrud always at or near the top of the podium: three golds and two silver. That alone makes this 29-year-old the man to watch in tomorrow’s Super-G  on the Saslong.

The race is expected to be fast and challenging due to the current conditions of little snow and uneven terrain. It takes experience and power to be able to withstand and win on this course. Didier Defago (SUI, 20) and Hannes Reichelt (AUT, 17) are the others to watch next to Jansrud (NOR, 20). On the local front, it is Werner Heel (5) who has probably the best odds but also Downhill bronze Dominik Paris (11) will be one to be watch.

First North American on the course is Dustin Cook (CAN, 4), followed by Ted Ligety (USA, 7), Andrew Weibrecht (USA, 13), Morgan Pridy (CAN, 23) Travis Ganong (USA, 28), Manuel Osborne-Paradis (CAN, 30). Today’s gold Steven Nyman is starting with number 38.