Super-G: What the Racers had to Say

Hannes Reichelt (AUT) who placed third probably put it best when describing the current dominance by Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) in the speed events this season: “He does what he wants. He just leaves the rest of us in the dust.” Listen and read what else the racers had to say.

Jansrud: I seem to succeed in being at the top in every race
Kjetil Jansrud: “It is an amazing feeling to come down, turn around and see the green light on the scoreboard yet again. You always want to win, fight every day, always attack. And somehow this year I seem to succeed in being at the top in every race. It’s almost unreal and surrealistic.
I’ve made a few smaller mistakes today, but they didn’t develop into larger ones. I found the right balance between letting the skis run and attacking. But others do the same. Somehow it just all seems to come together. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Paris: This was no highway with jumps
Dominik Paris: “It was not easy to find the right line because it was hard to understandwhere you can risk it and where not. But I managed to ski fast. A heartfelt thank you to the Organizers as it was a huge challenge to organize a ski race on a green meadow. Normally, the Saslong is more like highway with a few jumps. But not this year. The races on the Saslong were harder than ever and you really had to give it your all through the end. I won’t be celebrating with my fan club tonight as I’m already committed, but I will be be at the “Schwemmalm” for some traditional Tyrolean breakfast tomorrow morning. We’ll celebrate then.”

Reichelt: Jansrud does what he wants.
Hannes Reichelt: “Jansrud clearly does what he want. He just leaves the rest of us in the dust. At least there’s some thrill in what’s happening behind him. We have shown all season that we’re strong in the Super-G. It’s the Downhill where we’re still struggling. Compliments to Kriechmeyer: he put down a great run taking time off Jansrud in the Ciaslat. That owes my full respect.”

Kriechmeyer: “My run was incredible”
Vincent Kriechmeyer: “This race was incredible. I just managed all sections really well and knew that it would be a right race. I’m so pleased that I’ve finally placed well this season.”

Innerhofer: Each run strengthens my confidence
Christof Innerhofer: “Today wasn’t too different from yesterday, but each race strengthens my confidence. I’m slowly gaining back my balance between attacking and gliding. Slowly, slowly, I’m coming back. It has gotten so much better from the first race this season to today. Sure, I still have to train, to gain back what little I’m still missing. But this result clearly gives me a lot of confidence and motivation to continue to work hard.”