Super Fast Super-G goes to Super Fast Jansrud

Four victories and two second places in the past six speed evens: Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) continues to dominate the fast disciplines in the World Cup. Same in today’s super fast Super-G on the Saslong where the Norwegian didn’t let anyone even come close to him. Dominik Paris (ITA) placed 2nd with 0.46 delay and a mere 0.37 ahead of 8th placed Romed Baumann (AUT).

Yesterday, Jansrud had to content himself with silver giving way to the eminent Val Gardena/Gröden Downhill specialist Steven Nyman (USA). But today, the Norwegian returned things to how they’re supposed to be this season putting the competition back in its place.

Jansrud dominated the extremely fast Super-G top to bottom finding the best line from the wall above the Ciaslat meadow all the way to the entry of the Finish schuss. At the end of the race, he was 0.46 seconds ahead of South Tyrolean Dominik Paris. A lead of 0.46 seconds might not seem much, but it proves that Jansrud put down a supreme run considering that a mere 0.37 seconds separate 2nd placed Paris from 8th placed Romed Bauman. 

Dominik Paris is adding to yesterday’s podium and is clearly moving from a pure Downhill specialist to adding Super-G results placing in the top five in all six speed races this season. Silver is Dominik’s best result in Super-G so far. The fast track appealed to the South Tyrolean-native and it looks like it’s just a matter of time before we’ll see Paris at the top in a Super-G. As a reminder, he already won three World Cup Downhills.

In addition to Paris, it’s Christof Innerhofer (5) and Matteo Marsaglia (7) who helped the Italian national team to a good standing. While Innerhofer’s 5th place is great given he’s struggling with back pain, Marsaglia clearly could have done better. He opened the race, was almost on his back during the Ciaslat section of the course avoiding a fall in the last split second putting a podium out of the question.

The Austrian team also did well today. Four skiers placed in the top 10 which is markedly better than yesterday’s Downhill results. Best Austrian was Hannes Reichelt in 3rd place. Vincent Kriechmeyer (AUT) surprised the team with a 4th place and was one of the few skiers with a higher bib number to push to the top group.

Best North American result includes Dustin Cook (CAN) in 12th, Andrew Weibrecht (USA) in 17th and Manuel Osborne-Paradis in 18th place.