Stefania Demetz: The Team Work Paid Off

We enjoyed it as much as we suffered for it. Another successful World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden can be filed away. Among the many challenges this year (i.e., lack of snow and warm temperatures), the Saslong Classic OC has pulled off the unimaginable to get the track in shape. It was a race against time, and the entire ski circuit is thankful for what we did to stage the regular Downhill and Super-G races.

“This was as much hard work as it was rewarding” beams Stefania Demetz, CEO of Saslong Classic Club.

A great team spirit has come through within these last challenging days demanding a huge amount of work to put on the event. “What made me really happy is that the OC never lacked in commitment despite the difficulties it faced. Calmly, we kept moving towards our goal aided by our conviction that we will succeed. We faced difficulties head-on such as the lack of snow on the Camel Humps, the reversed order of the races, the cancellation of the second training and then we overcame them all. I saw a tight-knit team and this makes us very proud.”

“The icing on the cake came from the excellent results by our Italian team. They have really rewarded us with great results. Both podiums were wonderful. The most thrilling part is the spectacularity of the race, uncertain to the end, keeping the audience nailed to the performances and enthusiastic about the event.”

Compliments have came in from all sides, including the athletes, for the extraordinary accomplishments that resulted in the races taking place. “It is rewarding to hear that everyone is pleased. The Downhill wasn’t the easiest, the Camel Humps showed some teeth, and still, it was liked also because of it. The Saslong has shown all its beauty in the face of adversity.”