Voices of the Racers after the Super-G

This is what the athletes had to say after the Super-G which took place in perfect conditions on the Saslong today.

Aksel Lund Svindal: Super-G Winner 1.28,12

I saw Alex skied well so I knew that it would be hard to beat him. It was great to come to the finish and see I was ahead and then end up with three Norwegians on the podium. We are a strong team, we work very hard, and did a lot of training before the season. We do everything together. My injury gave me time to prepare and now it’s really fun to race again.

Kjetil Jansrud, Norway: 2nd with 0,34 delay

You can never not be happy with a second place. It’s just impossible to beat Askel on this course. It’s the position I was in last year. I’m happy with the race but also unhappy with my mistake. I would have been very close to Aksel. I’m in a good position right now, I am were I want to be and it is clearly a fantastic day for Norway with all three of us on the podium. People kind of expected Aksel and me to be up here on the podium today. It’s an amazing feeling and then to also to have Kilde here. He is still young. What’s our secret? As I was once told, the biggest secret in sport is to work hard, which is why it is the secret. We work very hard, push each other, learn from each other. There is always a bit of talent, too. Just look at Aleksander how he is in the background, watching, learning, smart kid getting better every day.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde: 3rd with 0,44 delay

Of course I am pleased with my run. I did very well in the upper part, but then lost time at the Camel Humps. When Aksel made a mistake I thought that I might have a chance, but we all know Aksel. When he gives his all, we cannot keep up. Same happened with Kjetil.We’re three Norwegians on the podium and that is deserved as we all skied very well. Skiing with them is good for me as I learn a lot from them in the training and also during the races. I’ve been working hard with the team and training with them and proud to be on the podium which is my first. The fact that I am sharing it with the two best skiers in the world is an amazing feeling. It’s such a great day. Yes, sure it looks a little like a cross country podium, and it has never happened in Super-G for Norway before but I can assure you that we will never forget this day and take this memory with us for the rest of your lives. We’ll see where we go from here! 

Matthias Mayer, Austria: 4th with 0,54 delay

My ride was all right, there are just a few places where I could have done better. But that happens when you are fast. I can definitely feel my foot injury after this race, although I didn’t expect that. The track was uneven and there were a few hard hits on the course.

Dominik Paris, Italy: 8th with 1,25 delay

I am satisfied with my top 10 result. I watched Kilde who won Bronze on TV from the Start and he was pleased with his run. I was sure that he would win. My race went more or less great, I’ve only made a few mistakes at the top. This course I like very much because it is a straight, fast race. After today I feel confident for tomorrow’s race.

Christoph Innerhofer, Italy: 20th with 1,74 delay

My start wasn’t even that bad, but then I lost the rhythm coming down, rhythm that I had at the top. I tried to take a lot of ground on the Camel Hump jump to garner speed, but by then I was off the optimal line. Also at the entry of Ciaslat my approach wasn’t quite right, I was a bit jerky and not very smooth which meant that I didn’t have the gliding necessary to be good in a Super-G like this.

Peter Fill, Italy: 23th, with 1,80 delay

It did not go well. I started at the top with the wrong foot. The course setting was pretty straight and fast, and I lost all my speed at the first jump. The same happened afterwards so I lost speed for the next section. Tomorrow is the Downhill and my chances are much better compared to the Super-G. The training runs went well, but I cannot afford to make mistakes. I have to go hard and if all goes well I could place in the top ten which would be a great result!