Nucia Finish Turn is Widened

While the FIS Autumn Meeting is coming to an end in Zurich, Val Gardena/Gröden has already begun the preparatory work for the December races on the Saslong.
Course Director Horst Demetz summoned his staff on Tuesday to...

perform the necessary maintenance and inspection work on the track over the next few weeks.

While the track was widened at the Camel Humps and stabilized with retaining structures made of reinforced earth in the summer 2015, the lift company Saslong has started to work on widening the Nucia turn, which leads directly into the finish schuss. OC President Rainer Senoner also added that the section called "Canalino" is getting filled to allow for “snow saving measured” in crisis situations. Approximately 1800 cubic meters of earth will be moved.

"The course setting for the super-G will be more generous given the the broadening of the last section," said Mr. Senoner, "because more room is available. Additional variants are made possible on the course, which is in keeping with modern racing.”

For years, the lift company Saslong A.G. is seeking to adapt the World Championship course to the latest standards of the International Ski Federation FIS. Pump stations are strengthened to make snow preparation even more efficient. “We are grateful to the Saslong A.G. for the many improvements they are making” added Mr. Senoner.

The races in Val Gardena will be held on December 16th and 17th, 2016.