Saslong: 69 Snow Cannons Ensure Safety

Just three cold days is what the lift company Saslong A.G. needs to completely cover the World Cup course with snow in Val Gardena/Gröden. This is a technical masterpiece as at least 80,000 cubic meters of snow have to be produced. This corresponds to around 6,000 truckloads.

The pre-Christmas World Cup races on the Saslong - both the men's Super-G on Friday, December 16 and the men's downhill on Saturday, December 17 - are now among the most prominent events of the tourist destination Val Gardena/Gröden. Which is why nothing is left to chance, especially not the snow conditions on the racing course. “We are able to completely cover the entire Saslong with snow within three days at temperatures of minus three to four degrees Celsius" said President and Race Director Rainer Senoner.

A total of 69 snow cannons are employed to powder up the 1970 World Championship track this year. This is required to produce enough snow to cover the 3.5 km long course from Start to Finish with an about 40 cm high  and 60-70 m wide layer of snow. This equals to around 80,000 cubic meters of snow, which is the equivalent of about 6,000 truckloads.

Next year, the snow-making equipment on the Saslong will be further modernized and made even more efficient. Two pumping stations will deliver water from the valley to a new 50,000-gallon reservoirs. This system ensures greater safety, as additional snow cannons can be put into operation and be more efficiently supplied with water to ensure that the the World Cup races in mid-December can be hosted even if the temperatures fall on a few days only.