Gold for Serbia and Austria

On today’s agenda of the Raiffeisen FIS Challenge Val Gardena/Gröden are two downhill races following yesterday’s Super-G events.

24-year-old Serbian law student Marko Vukievic won the first speed race on the Piz Sella above Selva/Wolkenstein in 1:26.76 minutes ahead of German Manuel Schmid (+0.19) and Swiss Urs Kryenbuehel (+0.35).

“I was very focused on every gate” says the winner and 2014 Sochi olympian. “I tried to push hard on my skis, meter by meter to get that decisive advantage”. The Serbian youth racer was also delighted with the FIS points he could book in Val Gardena/Gröden after placing twice on the podium.

22-year-old Austrian Christoph Krenn won the second race in 1:26.14 minutes. He was followed by the winner of the first race Marko Vukievic from Serbia (+0.23) ahead of yesterday’s Super-G winner Sebastian Arzt from Bad Gastein (AUT/+0.24).

“It was absolutely awesome” says the day’s second fastest. “The first race was hard to predict. Although I was only 13th, I did not change much in the second race, but i was clearly faster”.

Both winners were full of praise for the excellent slopes. 140 athletes from 20 nations have participated in the two Downhill races. The competitions were also a great success for the organizes of Saslong Classic Club. “We can organize youth speed events right at the opening of the ski season thanks to the active support and the great commitment of the lift company.” says OC President Rainer Senoner. “We hope to see some of the athletes at the World Cup on the Saslong.”

All results can be found here.

FIS Raiffeisen Challleng: Ranks 1-10.

Downhill 1
1. Vukievic Marko (SRB) 1:26.76
2. Schmid Manuel (GER) +0.19
3. Kryenbuehl Urs (SUI) +0.35
4. Barandun Gianluca (SUI) +0.36
5. Maas Maximilian (GER) +0.49
6. Arzt Sebastian (AUT) +0.52
7. Dujakovic Slaven (AUT) +0.64
8. Berndt Ondrej (CZE) +0.77
9. Brandner Christof (GER) +0.78
10. Babinsky Stefan (AUT) +0.84

Downhill 2
1. Krenn Christoph (AUT) 1:26.14
2. Vukievic Marko (SRB) +0.23
3. Arzt Sebastian (AUT) +0.24
4. Köck Niklas (AUT) +0.90
5. Dujakovic Slaven (AUT) +1.02
6. Takats Tristan (AUT) +1.18
7. Barandun Gianluca (SUI) +1.30
8. Cazzaniga Davide (ITA) +1.48
9. Kryenbuehl Urs (SUI) +1.56
10. Schmid Manuel (GER) +1.58