From Those Who Must Know (2)…

How do past Winners view the Saslong? 

“I was totally ruled by fear. It was the uncertainty as to whether I would make it, or, instead, have to collect my bones in a yard sale.” (Uli Spieß on the first to jump over the Camel Humps)

„The track wasn’t very technical, but extremely fast. The average speed was 107 km/h.” (Jean Daniel Dätwyler, winnerof World Cup debut in 1969).

„I have always been too afraid to jump over the Camel Humps. My thing has always been the Ciaslat meadow, where it took great stability not to be thrown about.”(Franz Klammer, one of two two record victory holders on the Saslong)

“The Saslong is so beautiful because technical sections alternate with very fast passages.” (Kristian Ghedina, the other record victory holders on the Saslong)

“Camel Humps and Ciaslat are notorious and extremely dreaded in the World Cup. Nobody who has raced here will ever forget it.” (Michael Walchhofer, double victory in Downhill and  Super-G)