Premiere in Val Gardena/Gröden: Two Colors will lead Racers

For years and more precisely since 2001, a striking fall line led racers of Downhill and Super-G races from Start to Finish. This line which is made of food color is now integrated with a second line distinguishable by color.

Val Gardena/Gröden was the first to introduce the original blue fall line in 2001 and once again, it will hold another premiere. For the first time there will be not only blue but also green lines: blue in the direction of travel and green transversely to the direction of travel. The former indicates the way to go, the latter prepares for jumps and compressions thereby improving the safety of the racers. This was necessary due to some severe falls last year. “This does not entail significant changes for us race organizers and since it aids the safety of the racers, we totally support this decision.” explained Race Director Rainer Senoner who a few months ago has also taken on the role of President of the Organizing Committee.

The measure was introduced to make it easier to see the course when visibility is poor and speeds are high. The color serves the racer for orientation and consists of biodegradable, highly concentrate food color.